Friday, September 30, 2005

American League

As we enter the playoffs, and as a card carrying Yankee Hater, I feel the need to shift my support over to the Red Sox.

Right now as I write this the M's are playing against the A's, and as of the 5th Inning the M's are winning 4-0.

Does this mean that I am no longer a Mariner fan? No, this means I want the best AL team to win the World Series. I don't like the Yankees, and never have.

I will tell you this much, if the Nationals had made it into the playoffs, I would have rooted for the Nats over any AL team (Except Seattle, and that was a pipe dream this season.) Since neither team I like is in a position to enter the post season, I need to support someone. After all above all else I am a baseball fan.

Why the Red Sox?.........Chemistry would be my answer. It is one of the things missing from most clubhouses. I would also say tradition, Boston has a long history with this team. Red Sox Nation, is just that it's world-wide. If Seattle had that kind of chemistry we might have seen more wins than we did this year. If we had somone like Millar, Damon, or Ramirez things might have been alot looser in our clubhouse. The tension wouldn't have overtaken our bench, and the play would have been natural.

You can bring multi-million dollar players into the fold, but if you don't have chemistry you don't have crap.

Now where is my Yankee toilet-paper at? I feel an A-Rot coming on.


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