Thursday, September 15, 2005


The good news is we beat last year's crappy record. The better news is that we took the series against the Angels in a sweep. How's that for spoiling?

In my time away from the Blog I see that Ichiro has climbed above .300 again. Isn't it funny to think a guy is having a bad year if he doesn't acheive at least .300? I guess for most folks that would be the case. But, with Ichiro it really makes sense. The man pushes himself more than anyone else could ever push him. The man respects the game more than any other person I've ever heard of. He gets upset if his bat isn't properly stored, or his glove is mishandled. I can almost see Ichiro in front of some shrine in his homeland lighting incense to his ancestors asking for a good season. Maybe the rest of the team should take a trip to his Shrine as well.

I am pretty much in Hot Stove mode now for the M's. I hope we can get something going for the next year.

I say bring on Texas, and let's do some more spoiling!


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