Saturday, September 10, 2005


It's time to set this ride into cruise, and just have some fun during the closing days of this 2006 season. The team with Jamie Moyer at the Conn, seem to have done that tonight. The M's took the first game of this series with Baltimore.

The last time the O's were in town we were all wishing Palmiero congatulations on his 3,000th hit. How were we supposed to know that many of those hits were made while Raffy was juicing.

I guess the Mariners had better go through the whole organization, and clear out the Users. From what I have heard we do lead one statistic in MLB. We have the honor of having the most players busted for using. I just hope the fellas that have been busted for using in the past (Strong, Franklin, Morse, and whomever else) take it seriously and stay off of the crap. You are doing long term damage, for short term gain. It isn't worth it guys. I know you want to make as much money as you can, while you can. I know you want to feel the satisfaction of playing in a big league game, to win a Pennant, or to Win a World Series. The thing is, even though in your mind you can somehow justify the useage, it's still cheating.

So, lets have fun out there guys. Just play to win a few, give the new guys some work, and at least win two more games so we can say we did better than last year.


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