Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A decade of change

10 years ago this team was on a roll. Ten freaking years ago we HAD a team that pulled the impossible out of it's ass. Often throughout this season, I have thought of what things were like back then.

I can't wait to see Seattle have a winning season again. I get flashbacks of the old days when our team sported the Trident logo. Those years sucked, we had some good players, that were stuck on a crappy team that just couldn't pull it together.

I have had a theory for several years now that the Seahawk training facility id built upon an Indian burial ground. Now, it seems that theory may be in question. Maybe the real problem is SODO. Maybe that is the burial ground. Think about how close the Seahawks came to excellence in the 80's. Look at the 2001 season for the Mariners where we had THE best record in Baseball, only to lose to the hated Yankers. By the way, where can a guy buy that Yankee toilet paper, I'd like a few rolls.

Frustration sucks....not only have my Seattle dreams been quashed for 2005. But, now it looks like my NL team has all but ruined it's hopes.

This site may go into hiatus until the Hot Stove League starts. At best my posts will be spotty for the rest of the season.

Let's come out and show the rest of the League a winner in 2006 guys.


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