Monday, September 05, 2005

Felix The Cat

Felix's 2005 stats are impressive. I realize the guy has only pitched in five games. But, look at some of our other pitcher's stats in their first five games of the season. I know several had ERAs in the 5.00+ range. Felix's current ERA sits at 1.59, that is awesome. I don't know what his 2005 minor league stats are, but I'll bet if you combine all of his stats together it would still be outstanding.

Here is my opinion on the rest of Felix's season. Quit leaving him in the game for anything over four or five innings. He doesn't need to risk injury for a tanked season, does he? With the luck that this team has had with it's pitching staff I would limit his playing time and save his arm for next year. The kid has great stuff, and next year he could win a Cy Young, and be the anchor for our Pitching rotation, let's not waste that opportunity.

It's officially over no matter what the Wild Card Standings say. We have been eliminated now for a long time. Even if by some miracle this team did make the Playoffs there is no freaking way they would get out of their first series alive.

It's now time to be the Seattle Spoilers. The team should try to win more games than last year, and ruin the Playoff hopes of any contenders we come across. Sometimes being a spoiler can be satisfying too.


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