Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I Believe Morse

I think it's unfair for Mike Morse to be put into a double-jeopardy

situation with his Steroid violation from last year. He already served his punishment at the Minor League level, and should not be punished for the same thing in the Majors. Even the damn panel knew, and believed him. However two of them felt that their hands were tied, and voted to enact a 10 day suspension. The one dissenting vote from the three-man panel came from Donald Fehr the Union President.

Mike knew he did wrong, admitted he did wrong, and paid the price. He shot Steroids due to a leg injury. He supposedly turned to 'roids as a last resort. Minor Leagues tested him, and handed down a punishment.

Now in 2005 the Major Legue test found minute traces of 'roids, not even enough to be performance enhancing. More than likely it was residual that was still leaching out of his tissues. The Board knew this, and still gave Mike a 10 day, and re-tarnished Mike's name. He's pissed and rightfully so in my book.

I pick on User, Raffy Roid, and Scary Bombs because they don't know how a banned substance got into their systems. These clowns never 'intentionally' took Steroids.......Bullshit. At least Mike is a MAN, and told the truth, well over a year ago!

I got your Back're still alright in my book.

***I have a link to the NOAA site that has aerial photos of Katrina's aftermath in the Gulf Coast.


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