Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mr. Baseball

Anyone remember that movie? Tom Selleck played a MLB player sent to Japan as his last playing stint. I loved that movie, I thought the movie portrayed Japanese Baseball in a pretty solid light. Seeing the Japanese fans slurp noodles, instead of choking down a sausage, or cracking peanuts in the stands was awesome. Someday I hope to visit Japan, my wish would be to watch a game there. What does this have to do with the Mariners? I guess really nothing except we have a couple of Japanese players on our team. Oh, and Nintendo owns the team. Other than those two items....nothing.

Richie Sexson comes through in the ninth with some grand slam action. Good for you man. Keep going and doing stuff like that. You may as well improve your stats, because as you very well know we are sitting this thing out come October. I want you to think of the rest of your season as Fall Training. In fact I want ALL of you players to feel that way. I also want everyone to be real nice to Atchinson, and Meche. Wins don't really matter right now for us. However, we are still the Seattle Spoilers for the rest of this season. Let's be a little evil, and spoil someone else's chances for playoff potential. Now everyone practice an evil laugh...no EEEEEVEIIL! There, that's better.


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