Monday, September 19, 2005


I thought I would share a bit of when I saw my last Mariner game in person. I may have already posted a little of it earlier, but it's not like I go through my own archives and research this crap I write here.

It was back in 1998, when it was just me, Mrs. Marty, and my oldest son. The company I work for offered game tickets to us at a discount. We could buy these tickets through payroll deduction. So, being a fan, and seeing an opportunity to introduce my family to one of my passions....I went for it.

The day of the game came, and we made the drive from Bellingham to Seattle. I parked near the new stadium under construction (Safeco) and we made the walk over to the Kingdome. I wasn't really sure what kind of seats we had, and had I known, I would have upgraded. We were in the upper tier along the 1st baseline. WAYYYYY up there. My wife was not used to that type of seating, and from our ear popping perch, she felt that we were going to fall onto the field. She actually placed her arm across my son's chest so he wouldn't fall.

The game was fun to watch though. Griffey and the rest looked like ants. But we had a good time anyway. I couldn't tell you who won, or what team it was we played. It didn't matter, it was family time.


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