Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What Happened?

We had the Game, gotta love our pitching staff, huh? The User allowed eight hits and three runs. The only thing he should be smiling about is he never allowed a walk in his five innings. However 90 pitches in five innings is not a good stat.

Thornton, Mateo, and Sherrill did ok, no runs on them, and each only allowed one hit apiece. Then we come to Putz, Guardado, and Nelson. JJ gets one hit, one walk, and two earned runs. He only pitched .1 innings folks. (retch) Nelson came in and walked one. Eddie allowed four hits, three runs, and walked one, These guys blew a four run lead, how pitiful. I look forward to the hot stove, and next year. My Spoilers suck this year.

Don't ever say the Bats won't support you User, you need to look at your own Bullpen this time. At least in your case it was a no decision.


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