Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Word is...............

Sweet Lou is going to be free next season. The local media is buzzing that Lou is going to have the last year of his contract with the Devil Rays payed off, leaving him a Free Agent, (AKA Unemployed). If it weren't for the Rays pitching woes this team could have been in contention this year. They certainly put the runs on the board, it's just the pitching sucked. Lou's cheif complaint is that the team won't spend the cash needed to make the Devil Rays a successful franchise.

I say bring Lou Pinella back to Seattle. He left on good terms with the team, and with most of the fans I know. Let Lou's agressive style of play come back in here to bring this team back to where it once was.

I know many think that Lou is in the running for either New York Team's Manager job. Joe Torre isn't going anywhere folks, the season started out rough for the Yankers, but they came back. Willie Randolph isn't going anywhere either. I can't see Willie getting canned, his team plays in the toughest NL Division, and he still stayed above .500 for most of the season.

No, I say the best place for Lou is right back there in the Emerald City.


Blogger Maciej said...

agreed...back to seattle!

8:11 PM  

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