Thursday, October 27, 2005


It looks like Eddie Guardado may be leaving the club for greener pastures. The Mariners are not willing to pick up Eddie's option at $6.25 Million, but are willing to pick up his player's option of $4.25 Million. With guaranteed incentives that could bring him $4.5 Million, and if he gets similar stats as he did during the 2005 season Eddie could look at pocketing $5.5 Million.

Here's my take on the situation. If the M's can't field a team that could put Eddie in a save situation on a regular basis, then I can't see paying that kind of cabbage. I think the team would be more inclined to pay him what he think he's worth, if they actually plan on having a winning season next year. What does irk me a little though, is that the team held onto him for all of last season, instead of using Eddie as bait, for some good players in a trade.

Three coaching positions have been filled.

Bryan Price has been replaced by Rafael Chavez, from Tacoma. Chavez has been the Pitching Coach at the Rainiers for the past two seasons, and from all reports has a good rapport with the Pitchers throughout the Organization. (I would have liked to have seen Mel Stottlemyre come in, but I understand that promoting from within, is always the best choice.)

Jeff Pentland has been named the new Hitting Coach. Jeff has been classified as a 'Cage Rat' by Grover. Which I guess means he is hands on in his training technique. The only thing that bothers me here is that Jeff comes to us from the Royals, and we all know how well the Royals faired this past season. I think we'll just have to wait and see what Jeff brings to the table. Hopefully he can heat our bats up, something Don Baylor couldn't do.

Dan Rohn has been promoted from Tacoma, where he has been the Manager for the past five years. The past two seasons Dan has been named Manager of the Year, by the Pacific Coast League. Dan will be our new Administrative Coach.

Change is always good, especially for a team that has been having some pitiful seasons lately. I just hope we can play more aggresive, use short ball techniques, and win some games. After all that is what we as fans want. Wouldn't it be great to bring a World Series to Seattle?

A Little Help, Please

Could someone please tell me how Alex Rodriguez is credited as being on the all-time Latino team, being credited as being from the Dominican Republic?

The man was born in NYC, and raised in Florida. This is the second time the man has denied his true citizenship. The last time was when he tried to say he was going to play for the Dominican Republic at next years World Baseball Championship.

I understand you are proud of your culture. Hell, I'm proud to be of Norwegian heritage, but that doesn't mean I'd turn my back on the Country I was BORN and RAISED in.

One more reason to hate on A-Fraud.


I understand that Mel is in the running for the vacant position of Pitching Coach. Between you and me, I say hire the man. He lives locally, he has coached some of the best pitchers in the game, and he will bring experience to the table.

Rodger Mcdowell could work too, but I say go with Mel, and let Rodger come in to his own at Triple-A, when Mel leaves promote Rodger into the spot.

Just my opinion, not that anyone cares.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Another One Gone

Sometimes it almost feels like the Mariners are a farm team for the league, at least when it comes to Pitchers. The Mariners have let Bobby Madritsch slip through their fingers. I realize the guy has a hurt arm, but i don't think the comments made by Bavassi were warranted. According to Bobby he had done everything the M's had asked of him. But, Bavassi sticks to his comments regarding his 'concerns' over Bobby's approach to his recovery.

I understand room needs to be made for men that will play during the 2006 season. I just hope yet another move made by our Front Office doesn't come back and bite us in the ass, yet again.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Well, I could say sub-par couldn't I?

I'm talking about the fact that we have at least two coaching positions open. Yet in the two weeks since the vacancies, Bavassi and Hargrove have made no moves, as of yet, to fill the holes.

Kind of sounds like what happened during this past season, doesn't it? Look at the holes we had in the line-up, and look how long it took to even make the attempt to fix our team.

There are coaches moving all around the league, some very good ones, and these two are left wringing their hands, trying to make a decision to even start the process.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yankee(s) Go Home

I just finished watching the ALDS game that is sending the Yankees back home to watch the rest of the playoffs from their respective couches. I am absolutely beside myself with glee because A-Rot has been denied a ring one more time. I'm sure there are plenty of other Mariner fans feel the same way. The only thing that would have made it better, would have been if Angels fans would have tossed Monopoly money at the Yankees' dugout as they made their way to the Clubhouse. (Can you tell I don't like the Yankees much?)

That being said, I'm sure Steinbrenner will be cleaning house in the off season. Here is my take on some of the Yankee Players, I don't hate all of them.

Giambi- Dude it wouldn't hurt to wash your hair before a game. (It was slick before the 1st inning.) You may also want to practice your fielding skills.

Matsui-If he gets released, I'd like to see him in either Seattle or Washington.

Bernie Williams-One of two current class acts on that team. I have always admired his abilities.

Derek Jeter-I have to give him his due. He is a good ball player.

Sheffield- GFY

Posada- One of the best catchers in the game. (class)

A-Rot-GFY money boy "No Ring for you!" (ALA Soup Nazi)

Big Unit- You're a prick, I used to like you when you were our prick.

Those are all I can think of now.

I just wish it would've have been the M's beating them. It would have made it all the better!

Friday, October 07, 2005

WTF is going on?

I just read Art Thiel's column about how Lincoln is satisfied with the direction the Mariners are headed. Lincoln doesn't care about winning games. He only cares about how many butts he can plant in Safeco seats. Not just gameday seating, but special events like weddings and business meetings.

Mr. Lincoln thinks that because Safeco is seen as a nice place for families to go, the seats will fill no matter if the team wins or not. I have news for you pal, fans are fickle. Fans WILL get tired of spending hundreds of dollars a game to watch a team that loses on a consistant basis. He speaks of how quaint it is that the kids get to run the bases, and will grow into the Mariner fan of tomorrow. That may be true, but you need to have a team that wins. The 1995 season that was touted this past season was the turning point for the Mariners. Because after almost 20 years of play, that team entered the playoffs. It took a winning team to bring the fans to the park. You can't rest on 1995 and 2001 forever.

This really pisses me off. If he doesn't want to build a winning team, why should we as fans support it? At least the Cubs, Red Sox, White Sox, Dodgers, Mets, Giants, and Tigers try to shape a team into winners. These are all teams that have strong fan bases, these are also teams that haven't done anything spectacular for years (exception BOSOX), but at least they TRY.
Don't keep us in the same catagory as the Royals and Devil Rays.

And by the way, just why wouldn't Lou Pinella BE a good choice to helm the Mariners again? Why, because he speaks his mind? Look at what he did with a bunch of nobodys in Tampa. I guarantee you if his teams purse would have opened up, Tampa would have had a much better season. As it stands now Tampa had a pretty good season, and came out as spoilers in the end. That is a helleva lot more than we did in the end. At least Lou takes chances on the field. Lou manages like a NL Manager, moves baserunners into scoring position, and gets results.

There was another article I read saying that all-in-all Hargrove did ok. I say Bullshit. Hargrove is way to conservative in his play. He is afraid to utilize younger guys, and stays with worthless veterans, because they 'earned it'.

I have been a fan of the M's for a long-long time. I sure as hell don't want to see this team revert back to the days of the Trident.