Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Change Required

Something needs to be done with Guardado. He is not dominating anymore. I mean for crying out loud the guy is in a save situation, gets two out top of the ninth, and then gives away a home run for the tie. The very next batter gets a base hit, and lucky for all of us Ozuna was caught stealing ending the inning. Keep Eddie OUT of the game. If you want to exercise him wait for a blowout game, where even if he does squeek a few mistakes to the batters, it won't kill us.

The good news going into the game is that J.J. Putz is leading MLB in strikeouts for a reliever. Thankfully Grover didn't blow all of his bullpen load prior to letting Fast Eddie into the game.

Yuni had the game winning RBI, with help from Steamboat Willie's second base steal.

C'mon M's.......WIN!!!!!!!!


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