Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Eddie and Jomama, and a Putz

Why Eddie, why? I won't pick on you too much, but come on man. You're supposed to be THE man. An ERA in the high 20's does not a closer make. JJ Putz, dude is going to have me pulling out my hair if he don't start acting like a Major League set-up man.

Kenji Johjima is a superstar, an absolute baseball god of the highest order. I cannot say enough praise about this guy. he goes yard two days in a row. I hope this streak holds up. But you know what would be even better? If someone else could get on base prior to one of these homers.

Richie Sexson, I like the guy, he went three for five, and had five RBIs. The only complaint about him is when he tried to stretch out that single and got caught.

Jo-El you were a target of mine last season. If you keep tossing the ball like you did today, I will take back all those bad things I wrote about you, and might even apologize.

I'm really impressed with the make-up of the 2006 Mariners. There is alot of potential in these players. All we have to do is wonder if Hargrove can use this potential to our advantage and win. We definately have talent on the field, I think it may come down to strategy, and injury prevention.


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