Saturday, April 08, 2006

Questions from the Gallery

Why in the name of all things holy was Jose Lopez taken out of the game so Willie Bloomquist could play?

I think third base could have used the relief, because Beltre can't hit.
apparently neither could Willie Bloomquist today.

Hey Grover, I have a proposition for you, see if this makes any sense to you.

Bring Kenji and Jeremy up in the order, and drop Beltre and Everett to eighth and ninth. At least until they remember what to do with that bat in their hands (consistently) .

Oh, one more suggestion, if you MUST play Willie Bloomquist, Don't ever favor him over a guy with a BA greater than .400.

If I remember right from last year you had a hard time here, and back in Baltimore with trusting young players over your veterans.

That type of thinking didn't work for you then, and certainly is not working for you now.


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