Saturday, May 06, 2006

Are we really THIS crappy?

It's time to call a team meeting, get the boys together Grover tell them you love them, tell them you hate them, just talk to them about your expectations. You do HAVE expectations of winning, right?

I do, I expect the Mariners to win, i expect a bullpen that backs up the Starter. I expect men that get paid way more money than I'll ever see in the course of life , to play to the best of their ability.

I expect the Front Office to field a team that can win. I don't expect that front office to let good quality talent to slip through our grasp, only to come back to Seattle in another uniform to beat us.

I expect a Manager to get his ass on his shoulders once in awhile to get the attention of the troops. (For those not in the South, that means get mean, or mad.)

It worked for Leyland in can work for Hargrove in Seattle.

Five short years ago we had the best record in all of baseball.............get it back!


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