Thursday, May 04, 2006

Disney World

We spent a nice long weekend over at Walt Disney World, so I really haven't paid much attention, other than the sport's ticker on ESPN. The wins up in Minnesota really helped the team. Of course the loss to Santana didn't help, but that guy IS their ace pitcher.

Tonight's game against the White Sox, was a case of the Mariner's beating themselves. Several issues need to be addressed, and hopefully soon. We had an excellent opportunity tonight to get out of the cellar.

Grover, please, for cryin' out loud, when Gil starts to stumble in the late innings, remember it's ok to pull him out of the game. It shouldn't hurt his feelings, in fact I'd be willing to bet he would have been a little grateful.

Grover, is it possible to let Beltre hit off a tee during the game? His defense is outstanding, but damn man, go get his eyes checked or something.

Eddie......................WTF???!!!!!! (That's all I need to write about your night.)

Grover.................WTF???!!!!!! Why do you continue to use Mr. 8.38 ERA as the closer, when you have both JJ and George doing a spectacular job? Eddie is as old as me for Christ's sake, let's get some new blood in there.......................


Blogger Travel Advice and Tips said...

I love going to Florida. Orlando is my favorite place because it has Disney World. The Magic Kingdom is my favorite place. I do not even care if I make it to the beach (unless I get to go fishing). While you are there though make sure to visit Epcot, MGM and Sea World.

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