Sunday, May 07, 2006

Jo-El = Superman?

Have you removed the Kryptonite jewelry? Have you re-discovered your superpowers?

You have twice now saved the fans of the Mariners from having to sit through another late inning loss due to the ineptness of your counterparts in the bullpen.

What I mean is that you saved us from the middle relievers and disastrous set-up men.

JJ You're the MAN, keep that up, because I need the points for my Fantasy Team.

Grover, did you actually come to life? I realize you didn't even make it to the top step of the dugout. But, at least you showed SOME interest in winning. (Even if you had to run the team from around the corner in the tunnel.)

-During the last ten games the M's are at .500, that's the better news.

-The good news and bad news are the same thing, we are 4.5 games behind Texas.


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