Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lucky 13

I had this whole tirade for Richie Sexson all ready to go. Wouldn't you know it the guy knocks in the winning dinger before I could let loose on him. I would like to point out to everyone, that with that home run Richie brings his BA above .200. Which means that nobody in the starting line-up is batting in the .100's. That's good news y'all (to use the local vernacular) .

It may have taken thirteen innings to get that win, but our pitching held the scoring by the Angels to only the first three innings. This means our bullpen actually did it's job well. Now if this 'trend' can stick....who knows what could happen.

Tomorrow as you watch the games, don't be alarmed if you see players swinging pink bats. It's all planned, in fact these bats will be signed by the players that own them, then after the games the bats will be placed on's auction block. The proceeds of the auction will go to the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

So wish your Mom a Happy Mother's day, and buy a bat!

On a couple of side notes:
Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you!
Happy Mother's Day Missie, You're spectacular Mother to our kids, I love you!.


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