Sunday, May 14, 2006

M's kill the Rally Monkey!

Can you imagine where this team would be right now if we could play every game like that?

(Listen to me say we, like I'm out on the field or something.)

Emiliano Fruto made his first MLB debut today, he pitched 3.2 innings, came up with the save for Meche, was and allowed only one hit, and one walk. That's a pretty respectable debut, welcome to the show Emiliano! You did spectacular for a guy that showed up for the game twenty minutes before the first pitch, and only a few hours of sleep.

I'm going to initiate a new rule for the M's offense. All batters will now wear pink wristbands from here on out.

Ibanez, Lopez, and Betancourt all had two-run homers. Everatt went yard in a solo shot, not to mention the other extra base hits the team had today. It's the power of the pink baby....I'm convinced.

On a lower note, Richie Sexson has dropped to .196. I realize he's a slugger, and he did have the winning run last night. But, I really think he needs some extra time with the batting coach, and watch some film on himself, to see where his mechanics are wrong.

Don't be too sad though, Ichiro is approaching a .300 BA again, currently he's sitting at .293. Whatever happened at the WBC that changed his approach at the plate has faded away, and the Ichiro of old is making a comeback.

I'm so glad we killed that damn monkey, even if we had to use a pink bat.


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