Saturday, May 20, 2006

M's Roast Friars

Ok, it wasn't really a roast as much as it was a good sizzle.

You know what really sucks about this team? The fact that when you just about had enough, when your just ready to stop following them all together, they pull of a really nice win.

My hope, wish, prayer, whatever you want to call it is that the team can get consistant with these wins. We are only five games behind Oakland. Three of those games are our own fault.

I believe it's time for Bavassi to start looking into a trade for a dominant pitcher. The problem there is, who do we trade? Who do we have that someone else would be interested in.

Ichiro? No way, there would be a Lynch mob waiting for Bavassi outside Safeco Field if that happened.

Lopez? Hell no...........

Sexson? I'm not sure we would get a whole lot for him, what with the way he's hitting these days.

Johjima? I like him, he's a good bat, and really tries behind the plate. He has to stay, I didn't like the revolving door policy we had last year with the backstops.

Everett? Yes....he can go.

Bloomquist? He's a good utility player, and might get a shot at everyday somewhere else.

Ibanez? He's here and needs to stay.

Reed? I'm not sure

All I know is that we have an opportunity to have a winning season, IF the FO would like to have one. Or we can shoot for mediocre and try to attain .500. If it were me, I would always go for the top.


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