Thursday, May 04, 2006

New Hat

Missy, my wife, received her new Mariners hat yesterday. It's the pink New Era with the team logo on it.

She wore it all day today, it made me really happy to see her run around in it. She's not the biggest fan of the actual game, to be honest with you she likes to watch the player's asses. That being said, I think if she actually took the time to learn the game she would enjoy it. Everytime we have gone to a game she has enjoyed herself.

I think we're going to try and make it to the Tampa game when the Mariners come to play in September.

It looks like Eddie has finally been taken out of the closer role. Thank goodness for that, I was beginning to wonder if Grover was going to come out of the fog and see that Eddie no longer has the ability to be a dominant closer. I'll say it again Eddie should have been traded off last year for new prospects. Now we're stuck with a payroll drag that doesn't have a job.

I guess we'll have to see who gets the closer job, Soriano or Putz.

Let the competition money is Soriano for the long term.


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