Saturday, May 06, 2006

Professor Woods

The following is cut from today's article in the P.I. :
Soriano started the eighth with a walk and gave way to George Sherrill, who issued another. Sean Green completed the base-on-balls trifecta, then gave up three runs on a single, a hit batter and a bases-loaded walk. Jake Woods then gave up a two-run double to Michaels.
"Every team is going to have those nights," Woods said. "The teams that minimize them are the ones that win. Right now, the ball is not bouncing our way."

Apparently Jake Woods feels that preparation, skill, attitude, and training have nothing whatsoever to do with winning ball games.

Jake feels that it's all luck. Now I'll admit that baseball players are a superstitious lot, but Jake's statement struck me as stupid.

We've all seen these types of cliches before, hell any postgame interview you watch, or read about, you'll see at least five.

Maybe that is what's wrong with our bullpen, they don't see it as anything other than dumb luck when they pitch a good game.



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