Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Suckfest 2006

That was the worst display of baseball that I have ever 'seen'.
I cannot for the life of me understand why Hargrove left Felix in for as long as he did. Every inning I expected to see someone else's name come up.

How many runs does it take before Hargrove pulls a pitcher? Apparently it takes ten.

Was he scared that his long relievers would screw it away?
How could they eff it up any worse?

Was he trying to let Felix know that he still had confidence in Felix's abilities?
Dude, Felix looked like he just saw his puppy get run over by a school bus. His confidence was shot around the fifth or sixth run.

I brought up that maybe Felix should be sent back down for a little bit, that maybe he was brought up too fast, and he has all that pressure on him........but Jeff from Lookout Landing said it wasn't as much Felix as it was the pitch calls.

Don't get me wrong, I do believe that Felix is the Second Coming, as far as pitching goes. I just think the guy has alot of weight thrown on his shoulders. I know he has 'Badass' etched onto his glove, but tonight he was anything but.

Hargrove needs to go, it's just that simple.

-Going to pinch hit Ichiro with Reeed, but keep Lawton? What, were you hoping for a nine run rally? Ichiro was 2-3, and Lawton was a spectacular 0-4 for the whole game. How much thought was put into that?

What the hell is going on with Beltre and Sexson?

Last year the big excuse was that it was a hard switch from the NL to the AL. Ummm Johjima came over from a whole different culture and country, and can still manage to hit the ball enough to have a respectable batting average.

So what is the excuse this year?

Why in THE fuck aren't those two in there every day wit the batting Coach with Lopez? Are they too good? Or, are they in there with him, but just not listening to the advice?

Yes, I'm pissed off, this kind of crap needs to stop.

Game balls go to Ichiro, Ibanez, Lopez, Joh, and anyone else that got a hit.

The rest of you guys SUCKED.


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