Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Train Whistles

I heard the BN trains as they passed Safeco Field tonight. I was able to hear the game called through the Devil Rays network. Unfortunately the game was NOT broadcast on my local PAX TV station, so radio was the best I could get. One item that was particularly annoying was the Play-By-Play guy for Tampa kept referring to Ichiro by his last name. I don't know of many people in the world of baseball that refer to Ichiro by anything but his first name.

The Mariners pretty much dominated game 2 with the Devil Rays tonight. Waechter's hold over the M's has been vanquished.

Our bats were hot, and Felix quite possibly found his stride on the mound.

That all being said, it was almost as if the Mariners were playing in a mirror. What I mean is the teams have similar records. Though the Devil Rays problem is in the Bullpen exclusively, and ours seems to have more to do with a lack of run production, with a minor in pitching, the teams are a very close representation of one another.

Getting a series win tomorrow could do alot for the team's morale, and the morale of the fans.

Let's Win!!!!!


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