Thursday, May 25, 2006

We came out of today's game with a tie for the series with Baltimore. Not what I was expecting/hoping for, but it's better than getting swept by them, right?

We have some good news for todays game. We only stranded three runners, the bad news that goes with that statement is, we only had three guys make it on base.

I know plenty of people get onto Gil for his pitching, all-in-all I would say he did a pretty good job. He held Baltimore to two runs, and the bullpen came in and held them down also.

Our batters for some reason don't have Lopez figured out. The guy came into tonight's game with an outrageous ERA, which is why I pointed out in my last post that we could take them.

Why is it that a man with an ERA of over seven, hell at the start of the game I think it was over eight, can blow our guys away at the plate?

Where is the consistancy guys?

I'm not complaining, I do understand, good days and bad days. I also realize we cannot win every game, it would be nice, and looks good in writing, but it isn't reality.

We come against the Twins for our next series. Let's see if the M's can accept no less than 50% in that series.

I've noticed that the folks at ESPN have pretty much ignored the Mariners for the past week or so. Even during the sweep of San Diego, and the big wins we had against Baltimore. There was nary a word, let alone a highlight.

I guess KC's losses are better for ratings.


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