Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I read an interesting article today in the P.I. about Beltre's trade to the M's. If you ask me Adrian needs to fire his agent, if he already hasn't.

Adrian wanted to STAY in L.A., period. He developed a good relationship with the fans, had a latino fan base, and just really liked where he was. Again.....he wanted to stay.

His agent had other ideas. His agent also represented JD Drew, and wanted Drew placed on the Dodger's roster. But, the guy knew that if Adrian was there, the team would not fork out the $$$ for both men. So...........Adrian 'asked' for too much money, and the highest bidder won, or did we?

Did we get stuck with an unhappy player for last year, just so an agent could get his man into L.A. at Beltre's expense? Could that explain why Adrian's BA went into the toilet last year and part of this year? It could explain why his hitting actually increased during the WBC.

I think Adrian is getting more comfortable in the Emerald City now, his new place in the Line-Up has improved his hitting and OBP.

Tonight maybe a homecoming of sorts for Adrian, but I think he'll realize his new home is alot greener.


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