Friday, June 16, 2006


The A.L. West (or Worst, as some say) is still a very close race, with no clear breakaway winner thus far. That being said, if it were to come down to the A's or the M' money at this point would have to go on the A's.

What is it about the guys in green and gold that make them 'own' our team?
Ever since the Mariners joined the league the A's have dominated the Mariners overall in all these years.

This whole change in the line-up has really started to pan out for the team. I'm glad to see something work for the offense.

As far as defense goes....holy crap....we need some pitching. Not only here, but in the farm system too.

I know we just drafted and signed some arms, and that's great. But, right now we have nothing.

The question for Bavasi is this;
Do you want a winning season this year, or not?

If you do, it may be time to drop the deadwood, make some trades, and get your heads back in the game. The next scenario will never happen, because the team is too afraid of losing it's fan base for the season. Drop the dead weight make some trades for the future, and tell the fans that we are looking to make the team strong for the future.


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